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Stanford International Policy Review

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The Stanford International Policy Review (SIPR) is a student-led international relations and public policy journal based in the Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies  at Stanford University. 

SIPR publishes articles, papers and book reviews on a wide-range of subjects pertaining to current international policy debates, seeking to provide insight into the challenging issues that policymakers confront today, as well as those they will likely face tomorrow. Our authors cover these topics using a variety of lenses, from political science, economics, and area studies, to design thinking, technology, law, and business


Please view our recently published Spring 2018 Issue:   SIPR Spring Quarter 2018.


The Review’s editorial board is not currently accepting submissions. All types of submissions are welcome: policy analysis and research, interviews with leading experts, book reviews, photo essays, etc. If the submission has a policy focus, it is eligible for admission. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional submissions are also welcome. 


SIPR has a collaborative partnership with Polemics, the magazine of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. Please visit Polemics at

Submission Information

In submitting an article to SIPR, we ask authors to consider the following guidelines:

  1. Please ensure your piece has a title.
  2. All submissions must be sent to in microsoft word (.docx) file format. We do not accept files in .pdf format.
  3. If footnotes are used, we recommend using Chicago-style format (endnotes).
  4. Below are general length requirements for traditional types of submissions (This is only a guideline. We accept submission types outside these listed items.):
    • Academic journal submissions: 6,000-7,000 words
    • Opinion pieces: 600-800 words
    • Interview: 1,500-2,500 words
    • Book Review: 800-1,200 words
    • Photo journal:  6-10 pages

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