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Danny Buerkli, '13, Delivers Keynote at Pre-Davos Summit of WEF Global Shapers Community

Centre for Public Impact

This keynote speech was given at the Pre Davos Summit 2017 of the WEF Global Shapers Community

The difference between effective and ineffective government couldn’t be bigger

It doesn’t matter what kind of government you believe in – big government, small government, medium government – you ought to care about the effectiveness of government, about how government achieves the outcomes that its citizens want and deserve.

Government has an enormous impact on our lives. The difference between an effective and an ineffective government could not be bigger. A effective, competent government will allow you, your children and your friends to lead happy, healthy and free lives.

An incompetent, ineffective government makes our lives miserable. It denies you your dreams, aspirations and freedoms.

I’d like to leave you at the end with three things:

– I want to leave you with a heuristic for thinking about impact in government in a general way. In fact, I believe that this heuristic is so useful that I want you to use it yourself, if you’re in government. Or, if you don’t work in government, I’d like you to tell all your friends who work in government about it.

– I also want to give you an idea why Artificial Intelligence will completely transform the ability of government to get things done.

– Finally, I would like to convince you that this change is not just coming, but that governments have a moral obligation to make the best use of Artificial Intelligence.

I’ll start with the heuristic, not just because it’s important on its own, but because it will help us think through the impact of Artificial Intelligence on governments more clearly.

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