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China Studies at Peking University

Front entrance to SCPKU

Front entrance to SCPKU

During Autumn Quarter 2018, faculty from several Stanford departments and the Freeman Spogli Institute will offer an intensive program of coursework on contemporary China to a select group of 12 Stanford students. Two IPS students will be selected, along with 10 upper-division undergraduates and graduate students. Students from Peking University will also participate in the classes. FSI will cover the costs of tuition, travel, lodging, and other living expenses for the IPS participants. IPS students will also receive a research stipend of $1,500.

Studying at Peking University

  • Four credit-bearing courses will be offered to the program participants, covering various aspects of China’s domestic politics, foreign policy and international relations, economic development, and social trends. Each course will be 4-5 credits, and each student will be expected to enroll in a full load of 3 courses. The courses will be combined with field visits. Separate Chinese-language tutoring can be arranged on a non-credit bearing basis for those who are interested. The four courses for fall 2018 include:

    • China and the World: Sources and Shapers of China’s Global Engagement
      Taught by Professor Thomas Finger, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
    • Key Issues in Chinese Politics
      Taught by Professor Jean C. Oi, Department of Political Science and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
    • The Economic Development of Greater China: Past, Present, and Future
      Taught by Professor Scott Rozelle, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
    • Chinese Society in the Era of Reform
      Taught by Andrew Walder, Department of Sociology and Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

How to Apply


To be eligible, IPS students must have completed one full year of credit (45 units) by the start of the exchange in Autumn Quarter. Students must also be in good academic standing and have no restrictions in spending the entire quarter in Beijing, China.


Application deadline: February 19, 2018

Notification email sent to applicants: March 12, 2018

Deadline to commit to participate: April 2, 2018

How to Apply

IPS students must submit the following materials to Jonathan Achter:

  •  Application Form

  • Statement of Purpose

    • Explain your interest in the program, applicable background, and ways your participation in the program would further your academic and professional goals.

  • Unofficial Stanford transcript

  • Resume

Applications will be evaluated on academic performance, demonstrated interest in Asian studies, and alignment of academic and professional goals with the program.